Upgrade to a Sleek Flat Roof

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Flat roofing can give your home a modern, energy-efficient style while still providing high levels of protection from the elements. Get expert flat roof installation services today when you call the pros at Stateside Roofing and Contracting in Glenolden, PA. We'll provide you with an in-person estimate so you can get your new flat roofing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our estimate process in 3 easy steps

Our estimate process in 3 easy steps

For all of our roof installation and roof replacement services, we follow a three-step process to best determine what services you need and give you a pricing estimate. Here's how it works:

  1. We visit your home and measure the roof
  2. We perform a thorough inspection
  3. We'll tell you what services need to be done or can be optionally done, including pricing information

If you would like to schedule a roof replacement estimate for your home, call us at 484-802-0718 now.